Custom 7000 Puffs 5% nicotine Rechargeable E Cigarettes Vape Device

Short Description:

Product Name Air glow blast
Resistance 1.1ohm
smoke oil capacity 16ml
battery capacity 550mah
port number 7000 puffs
recharge Ordinary Micro-USB charging
lights 7 colored lights
Packing specification 36CM* 35CM* 34CM
200 / box
weight A case of 18 kg
(single support weight; 80.5g one medium box weight; 843g, empty 0.75kg)
6 flavors 1.LYCHEE ICE
4.Peach ice
6.Banana ice

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Air glow blast Disposable Vape pen

Air glow blast is a longer-lasting disposable vape and a great way to enjoy salt Nic vaping. It has a cylindrical form factor and a nicely tapered mouthpiece as well. Performance, reliability, and puff count are all greatly improved. Air glow blast disposable vape comes with a standard 7000 mha rechargeable battery.    It pre-filled a 16mL vape juice that has a salt strength of 5%. And offer up to 7000 puffs of long-lasting flavor. Nicotine salts are known to provide a smoother experience for consumers. There is growing popularity in the market for disposables with a larger liquid capacity. Air glow blast disposable offers a button-less design and is activated when inhaled. It completely wipes out the task of refilling, and maintaining your mods. Air glow blast disposable comes in different flavors to make sure that users do not have to leave their comfort zone or sacrifice the tastes they are accustomed to. Each flavor is extremely different, but there's a flavor for every palette. After every puff, the exotic flavors leave you with a driven head change that enhances your smoking experience.

Product selling points:

16ml super capacity smoke oil, innovative new heating wire structure, smoke oil from the beginning to the end will not change flavor, can be recharged, smoke the last drop of smoke oil, adjustable airflow size, to adapt to the smoking habit of different groups, gorgeous colorful lights, more oil, rechargeable, adjustable gas

Key Specifications/Special Features

Product Name  air glow blast
Packing specification  6CM* 35CM* 34CM 200 / box
Weight 80.5g
Salt Nicotine 5%
Battery Capacity 550mah
E-liquid Capacity 16ml
Puffs 7000puff
Resistance 1.1ohm


• 550mAh Battery Capacity

• Ordinary Micro-USB charging

• 5% Nicotine by Volume/Unit

• 1L E-juice Capacity

•7000Puffs Per Device

• Instant Draw Activation

• LED Inhale & Battery Indicator

• Large Flavor Range - 6Total Available


LYCHEE ICE Continuous multi-portThe mouth is not dry and too sweetVery cool.
STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM  Sweet strawberry flavor, perfect for strawberry lovers 3.LUSH ICEA sweet, refreshing burst of watermelon on inhalation and a mixture of melon and silky mint on exhalation
Peach ice Light peach flavorPure and fresh and dry.
GRAPE ICE Cool, a little cool, The entry into the throat is also smoother.
Banana ice Banana combined with ice cream gives people a sweet but not greasy feeling

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